Don't Have a Green Home? Maybe You Should Go to Prison.

HOMEOWNERS who do not to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their properties should be treated as criminals, one of the country's most influential environmentalists said last night.
Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, believes tough measures are needed to force people to cut their use of fossil fuels and thinks governments should consider making it a crime for members of the public not to take measures such as installing cavity wall insulation.

He also said he thought failing to put in energy efficiency measures was "as antisocial as drink driving".

Dr Dixon said: "I think it should be a crime to be wasting energy. It's clearly a moral crime against the climate, and I think we should be having a discussion about whether it should become an actual crime." Source

It's Good that people like Dr. Dixon are there to set moral standards based on whether you can afford to insulate that house you are struggling to pay for. He isn't without sympathy though, as he thinks that if the government forced everyone to make the improvements and then added the fines to their monthly bills it would hardly be noticeable. But the government has been slow to act, and its energy efficiency action has been delayed again, causing real problems.
The Scotsman has learned many Scots who want to help the environment by improving the energy efficiency of their homes are struggling due to a lack of advice and grants, and an inadequate planning system.
If only people weren't criminally stupid! Think your home belongs to you? Not when you're "killing the planet". As Dixon put it:
"We have always felt people's houses are their castles and what they do is up to them. If they are destroying the planet, that's still up to them. I think that should no longer be the case."
And Don't think that Dixon doesn't practice what he preaches.
He added that he was not happy with the energy efficiency of his current oil-based heating system, and he said he was planning to talk to his landlord about whether solar panels could be fitted to the roof of his cottage.

Dixon is also against incandescent light bulbs, patio heater, four-wheel drive vehicles (which should be treated like guns), ans supports carbon rationing.

Leftards like Dixon don't just want to tell you how to live they intend to force you to live the way they want. After all they are so much smarter then everyone else, why should anyone else have a say in how they live. Maybe the government might actually say no to this nonsense for once, but the director of the Energy Saving Trust simply refused to comment on Dixon's ideas.

I wonder how long it will be before they start locking up people who can't afford to upgrade their homes. Oh, sorry, it's not their home. Hopefully, this stays is Scotland, but don't count on it.

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