I blame Kevin Rudd

News.com.au - THREE asylum seekers are dead, others missing and more than 40 injured after an explosion ripped through their boat today. Australian Navy personnel are also believed injured after the blast which occured as the boat carrying 49 asylum-seekers was being towed to Christmas Island. A West Australian Health spokeswoman said it was understood three people are dead, two are missing and 51 are injured.

......Sergeant Greg Lambert, of WA police, said it was believed an explosion has occurred in the engine compartment of the boat. State Health co-ordinator Dr Andy Robertson said a number of casualties were expected at Truscott Airbase, near Kalumburu, where they would be met by medical teams from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Broome and Derby Hospitals.
Apparently there is word that the illegals set fire to their vessel. The latest I'm hearing from the government is that they don't know, waiting for more info, can't find their buttocks, full moon, high tide, inquiry, meeting etc.

Anyway, assuming they didn't set fire to the bloody thing, Rudd wasn't directly responsible because he wasn't fiddling in the engine compartment of this vessel causing it to explode, that's on the people-smugglers. However Kevin Rudd's government weakened our immigration policy and he's gone soft on illegal immigration since he won power. Since this has happened, there has been an increase in the number of illegals coming to Australia, Seven-fold at last count. Naturally, only stupid leftists are shocked at this, the clever ones are happy since this is what they wanted all along.

So thanks to Kevin Rudd and his weak immigration policy, more and more people will try to come here in crappy boats and accidents like this will happen and people will die. The ones that are injured will be treated by Australia and the bill will be paid by the Australian taxpayers. All this could have been avoided or at least minimized if this abusive clown had not done what he did. The previous government's immigration policy was strict and this sort of thing was unlikely to happen then. The illegals knew they would be sent back, so what was the point of sneaking across, so they stayed away and stayed alive.

Kevin Rudd has told us on numerous occasions that 'the buck stops' with him, put the buck at his door MSM, don't let him weasel and bluster his way out of this. And somebody bring the fellow a basin, water and soap, got some red stuff on his hands he might want to wash off.

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