Rudd has lost touch with reality!

SMH - The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hit back at criticisms of his Government's approach to asylum seekers, saying people smugglers were "the vilest form of human life''. "They should rot in jail and, in my view, rot in hell,'' he said in Sydney.
How exactly is that a response to criticism of his asylum seeker policy? I watched the news reports and the fellow waffled and waffled about this and that. He told us how terrible the people smugglers are and they should rot here and grow there and crap like that. No one asked him, why is it kevvie, that more and more people are heading here since you changed our laws? Why is it kevvie, that your answers are piss-weak and don't even make sense?
Mr Rudd dismissed Opposition claims that last year's changes to immigration law had encouraged people smuggling to Australia.
Has this fellow gone mad, look at the evidence. They're not making this stuff up, this is what's happening, more and more people are trying to come here by the back door. Surely, it cannot be because it's suddenly become so much tougher to actually make it here.
ABC News - New figures from the Immigration Department show a massive spike in the number of asylum seekers arriving in Australian waters. The Federal Government opened the Christmas Island Detention Centre last September and the Immigration Department says that since then, more than 180 people have passed through its doors. That is seven times higher than for the entire 2007/8 financial year, when just 25 asylum seekers arrived.

The Australian - ALMOST 70 Afghan presumed asylum seekers have been arrested by Indonesian police as they waited to make the ocean crossing to Australia. ......Both Indonesian and Australian officials admit that the Rudd Government's relaxed police on processing refugee claims is behind an increased demand for the services of people-smugglers, many of whom are based in Jakarta. ...... Gunawan said the Afghans planned to travel to Australia.
It's only logical, does kevvie think that people are risking their lives because they want to die? Does he seriously expect that more people are trying to come here because it's harder for them to weasel in here? It's almost laughable, the way this clown is dismissing the reporters piss-weak questions.

That's the other thing that I find astounding, if this had been the conservative John Howard, they would not have let him breath or sleep on this matter, they would have hounded him from dawn today till dusk tomorrow. But not with Kevin Rudd, for him, they can't wait for him to dodge and weasel out of it, the questions posed to him are so piss-weak, the crap he says in response is swallowed without question and they're even providing the excuses for him. I honestly wonder how so many human beings can fit into one man's rectum. I mean, do they even poke their noses out of his ass for even a second to breath.

Perhaps if they did that they might ask a question or two of the precious clown that runs this country, perhaps if they did, the people of this country might find out the truth, perhaps if they did, the people of this country might question why they have to pay for the cost of looking after these people in our hospitals. I saw the news stories, planes flying here and there, ambulances queuing up to take them to hospitals, scheduled surgeries for Aussies postponed to make room for the illegals. I don't begrudge people fighting for their lives receiving treatment, but this is going to cost us millions and millions of our money and we are already going further and further into debt. So why isn't our government doing everything it can to stem the tide of illegals coming here.

And one thing I have not heard a single person ask is, once all these people are treated and nursed back to health, what is going to happen to them, will they be sent back, or will they be quietly weaseled into the country and given permanent residence? What the hell is going on here, did we peasants miss the memo, perhaps our wishes don't matter anymore and we're just here to work and pay taxes so that elitist scum can carry on with their various experiments funded by us. Am I the only person who sees this, am I the only one who is concerned about all this?

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