Shock/Horror - Shooting at pirates works!

SMH - The captain of an Italian cruise ship carrying more than 1500 people, including 74 Australians, whose Israeli security guards fought off marauding Somali pirates, said the attack had felt like "war". ......"It was as if we were at war," Pinto told Italy's ANSA national news agency as he described the clash in which his ship - carrying 991 passengers and 536 crew - sustained smashed windows and bullet holes in the hull and a lifeboat.

Six men on a speedboat and armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles attacked the cruise ship, Pinto said. "After four or five minutes, they tried to put a ladder on the bow," Pinto said. However, security guards on the ship "opened fire, and when they saw we were shooting, they abandoned their effort and went away".
Who would have thought it ey, we were led to believe that guns and bullets are like sooooo old-fashioned in today's world of softly-softly, social-justice and blame-whitey for everything. But here we have it, armed Jews shot at the naughty, misunderstood pirates and they ran away. Wouldn't it have been great if all those people had guns and they all opened up on those savages.

Maybe even a .50 cal, rat-tat-tat-tat, gather in sharkies, feeding time! So long savages!

From the news reports I heard and read, the Israelis shot in the air or something, so none of the pirate savages were killed. That's too bad, but I guess those security guards are well aware that if they killed or wounded any of the pirates, there would definitely be some liberal scumbag waiting to sue them for not reading the pirates their rights, providing a lawyer, a fair trial and free healthcare.

For you know, the savage can never just be a piece of crap savage, whitey had to have committed some injustice against the noble savage and made him this way. It's an understandable reaction to the Jews infringing on their ancestral pirating waters or some such crap.

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