Why many good-looking Australian young men now have an Asian lady on their arm

Australia's population is about 10% Asian so it gives young Caucasian men a nice alternative to self-obsessed Caucasian women. And Asian ladies certainly like tall Caucasian men. Am I "stereotyping" young Asian women as generally better mannered and more pleasant in their behaviour? I sure am! No wonder so many Caucasian women pump up their boobs with silicone and wear lot-cut tops and very short skirts. They have got to do SOMETHING to make themselves attractive. A return to the traditional values that have been wiped out by feminism is not considered, of course.

Below: A very influential Australian shows young Australians the way -- Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng -- followed by two young Australians

While the terms "yobette" and "ladette" have now passed into common usage, it's interesting to look at just how far the modern woman – regardless of age, race, status or income – has sunk in her attempt to "live in a man's world". Many Australian women are now socially inept, particularly when it comes to manners – from the businesswoman who orders the hotel concierge to get them a cab "quick smart" to the moody shop assistant who rolls her eyes when asked for help and then turns to the next assistant and announces that she cannot wait to knock off.

A Brisbane businessman recently revealed that, when he opened a door for two professional women exiting an office, he received no acknowledgement only to have a glass door slammed in his face after following them out. Many men are now becoming reluctant to open doors for women because they merely get "huffed" at and pushed aside.

Women in the 40 to 60-year-old age bracket regard footpaths, aisles and malls as theirs alone. Put two or three of these women together and everyone must make way for them. In their world nothing comes between them and their conversation, certainly not manners or respect.

Fewer men now stand up on buses and trains to offer a seat – even to elderly women. I've heard of grannies accusing blokes of considering them "invalid" because they've been offered a seat. Being an "invisible" man is a common male complaint. This occurs when rude women just push in and stand in front of men in a queue.

Unfortunately, it has become accepted that many modern women no longer care about politeness. Maybe men are at fault. We are so unaccustomed to this new breed of woman that we don't know what to do.

Many modern women are totally self-reliant. They have rewarding careers and are financially independent. She has travelled across the globe, can afford to buy her own meals and is accustomed to a man asking her out just for the pleasure of her company.

Good manners displayed by men or women should serve to make interacting with other people a pleasant experience. Modern women mistakenly seem to believe good manners are not something a modern man holds as an aspiration. Isn't it a pity more and more modern women grow up with an indifference to the niceties that used to be normal?


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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head , there's so much toxicity going on . feminism is a disease manufactured at the rockefella institute to get women to work so they could collect more tax money and destroy the family . the other part I wanted to say is it wasn't a globe before 1492 ,its one giant deflection . the un flag is not a bad place to start . no globe no joke . its a revelation and a half , appreciated your blog ,stay well , peace .

  2. SE Asian woman above is half Murdoch's age.Is this a joke?The photo says it all about their SE Asian character.They love money above everything else. Most of the sex workers are SE Asian in Australia including men for men. South East Asia is not all of Asia. Lebanon is in Asia minor and 95% of Turkey lies in Eurasia.India is South Asia.


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