Just One Problem....

It's always interesting when something about the War On Terror has a direct link to my home state - sadly, it's usually when one of our finest is brought home in a flag-draped box - but in this case it is something really different, and disturbing.

Seems that the town of Hardin, Montana - southeast of Billings, on the highway to Crow Agency and Sheridan, Wyoming - had a private company build a 400+ capacity jail to bring some high-paying jobs into the area.

Problem is, they haven't found contracts for it, and so are looking to possibly house displaced IslamoFascist terrorists from the proposed closing (so the Sacred Sock Puppet says) of Gitmo.

Terrorist whack-jobs locked-up just a couple hundred miles from my home?
From my wife and kids?
I don't have a problem with that...we've got guns in the house and they know how to use 'em.

What I very much DO have a problem with is the simple fact that once the murderous scum are allowed on U.S. soil, then there will be bleedin'-assed "progressive" lawyers pissin' all over themselves in their rush to FILE APPEALS for them jackals in AMERICAN civil courts, under a leftist Attorney General and a fascist Administration.

If some of them get off on a technicality - which the ACLU will absolutely push for and possibly even succeed in getting! - then what happens next? Will they be given a new suit, $20 and a bus ticket to the nearest town, like what we used to do with released prison inmates not that long ago?

A small part of me almost hopes they do.

Vigilantism used to be a fact of life in Montana, back in the late 1800's, and decorating a couple trees with some terrorist corpses might help balance the spectacularly spineless message being sent to thugs around the globe by the current tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania in Washington, D.C.

3-7-77 FOR 9/11

Perhaps the world would see that there's still some Americans who believe that just because a slimy lawyer gets a rabid dog released on a technical detail, it doesn't change the fact that you still gotta kill that mutt before it bites someone else.

And if the "progressive" wimps who think that playin' nice and kissin' the ass of the bad guys will suddenly make the IslamoFascists put down their guns and go back to fornicating with their goats, I'd suggest that they make the trip to have tea with the head-hunters of the tribal areas in Waziristan and give it a whirl.

Them liberalites don't like to use their heads anyways, so most of 'em might not even notice the loss....

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