Piracy - A path to citizenship?

News.com.au - A TEENAGE pirate captured by US Navy forces during a high-seas hostage drama last week will face charges in a New York court, CBS News reported. The pirate was identified as 19-year-old Abdulwali Muse, believed to be the ringleader of four Somali hijackers who attacked the US-flagged Maersk Alabama cargo ship on April 8 and took its captain hostage for five days, the television network said.
Excuse me, a teenager? What the hell, by 18, people are considered adults, they can vote, drink, drive, serve in the army and are considered responsible for their actions. Well, at least western people are considered to be adults. It seems we cannot even look at these savages are the adults they really are, no, no, anything to avoid making these savages responsible for their actions.
......A US Justice Department spokesman declined to confirm the extradition when contacted by AFP. ......Officials had indicated previously that the US government was mulling whether to bring the suspect to trial in the United States or hand him over to Kenyan authorities under an international agreement to prosecute pirates.
Why is there even a question of this, I realize we don't have the balls to shoot this prick and toss him into the sea, but why the heck are we even considering giving this scumbag a fair trial in a western country when there is the option of handing him over to Kenya? Are the Democrats so stupid that we have to experience all the complications and financial costs before they wake up a few years down the track and say, oh crap, maybe coddling criminal scum wasn't such a swell idea after all? Are they so stupid that they can't even think what will have to be done to this fellow after all this?

It's either that or the Democrats really don't care how much taxpayers money they waste, have nothing but contempt for the American people and really want to coddle criminal scum. Hard to argue otherwise isn't it.

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