Non-bikie bullets are less dangerous

LiveNews - ......The home on Edgar Street at Condell Park was hit by several bullets shortly after midnight. Police say there were several people inside the home but they escaped injury. A crime scene was established with detectives canvassing neighbouring homes.
Oh heavens, what happened to our gun-control laws, I've lost count of the number of drive-by shootings in Sydney Australia. Where no one is allowed to carry a weapon of any sort to defend themselves. Never mind if you live in the crap part of town or are being stalked by your violent husband or the authorities cannot even protect you at the international airport, screw you, don't you dare carry anything to protect yourself.

I heard the following repeated several times on the radio as well.
......Chief Inspector David Small says there is nothing to suggest any bikie involvement. “We don’t believe there are any links whatsoever to outlaw motorcycle gangs – our investigations are continuing into that but definitely no links to motorcycle gangs.”
Oh well that's an enormous relief, I can breath much easier now, settle down sheeple, you heard them, nothing to do with motorcycle gangs, these are other people who didn't get the memo about naughty guns and all that. You can rest easy sheeple, it's only the bikie-fired bullets that kill people, all the non-bikie bullets are under the power of the bullet-fairy, so they can't harm you, they only harm concrete walls and impenetrable things like that.

Go back to sleep sheeple, don't start questioning the gun-control laws, they're working just fine. I said, they're working just fine! So just shut it and move the heck along or else!

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