Was Joel Hinrichs a Muslim Suicide Bomber?

This story, dutifully being ignored by the MSM, is currently raging, so I didn’t see why AWH shouldn’t do its bit to spread the word. From the mounting evidence, however, it seems a suicide attack was very much on the cards, motivated by your friend and mine, The Religion of Peace:

By the time you read this it’s possible the story will be front-page news, or will have been debunked, but right now the mainstream media is virtually ignoring the bomb explosion outside the University of Oklahoma’s stadium during the Kansas State-Oklahoma football game October 1.

One Oklahoma news outlet quoted witnesses who said Hinrichs tried to enter the stadium carrying a large backpack, but took off running when a security guard tried to look inside the backpack.

At the university-owned apartment Hinrichs shared with a student from Pakistan, police found a large cache of explosive materials.

A later report claimed the material in the exploded bomb was TATP, said to be the same material used by the London bombers in July. It also was alleged that a few days before his death, Hinrichs tried to buy a large amount of aluminum nitrate.

An Associated Press report quoted the president of OU’s Muslim Student Association as saying Hinrichs’ roommate, Fazal M. Cheema, and three other Muslim men were taken into custody immediately after the bombing, led in handcuffs from a party they were attending. All were later released. The Tulsa World reported October 6 that authorities were questioning Muslin students.

According to Oklahoma News 9, Hinrichs had been attending “the same Norman mosque once attended by convicted 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui.”
Joel Hinrichs III:

Funny – where have I seen a beard like that before?

Any guesses why the MSM is ignoring this one?

Well, there is this:

LawHawk at A Blog for All sees a distinct possibility of a significant terror cell operating in Norman, Oklahoma, at OU.
And, of course, this:

In a letter being sent to students and parents, OU President David Boren said he has been "assured that law enforcement officials including federal officers have found no evidence of a conspiracy involving others which creates an ongoing threat to our community."

"We believe that we should not judge others or jump to conclusions about others on the basis of color, race, gender, economic status or freely exercised religious beliefs," Boren said in the letter made public Thursday.
Are these people kidding?

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