The Real Danger

I don't get it. Everyone seems to be blaming the neo-Nazis for the recent violence in Ohio when quite clearly it was not their fault. The violence broke before the march even started and continued well after members of the National Socialist Movement had left. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

Lest anyone think I am defending the neo-Nazis let me be perfectly clear - I have no use for this garbage. I find them disgusting and repugnant in the extreme. However, they have the right to broadcast their message, as perverted as it is. Was it their intention to entice other groups into committing acts of violence? Perhaps. But no one forced the other groups to act. They are supposedly grown adults. If we condone this type of behaviour then where do we draw the line? Do we allow every group who preaches ideas we don't like or don't agree with to be attacked?

This isn't about neo-Nazis. It is about freedom of speech. All citizens have the right to voice their opinions. And all citizens have the right to make ass-clowns of themselves in public. Let the neo-Nazis have their little marches. Let the public see them for what they are. But don't resort to violence simply because you don't agree with the message. Those who do are the real danger.

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