Chavez of The Loony Lefty

There’s no doubt about it; this man is quite mad:

Capitalism 'causes natural disasters'

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez has blamed global capitalism for earthquakes hitting India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as for mudslides that have struck Central America and Mexico.

On his weekly radio and television call-in program, "Hello, Mr. President," Mr Chavez said these catastrophes were nature's answer to the "world global capitalist model. This model is destroying the world. The world is in danger. Never has there been such disasters, hurricanes, droughts, torrential rains. Incredible! The world is dangerously off balance," he said.

There’s certainly something dangerously off balance here, but it isn’t the world. I think he should rename his radio program. ‘Hello, Mr. Idiot’ would do nicely, I think. ‘Nature’s answer to the world global capitalist model’? And anyone takes this certifiable nutjob seriously?

What’s even more frightening, though, is that I know Lefties who think very much the same thing. . .

Is it just me, or are the Lefties becoming more unhinged by the day?

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