The joke's on you..

I guess we better start swearing and screaming at each other, eff this eff that, up yours or up youse, its all good, there are no standards anymore people. Its all in the mind people, if your offended by bad language, your just an old fool, who needs to be burdened by things like standards, bad behaviour lets you express your creativity.

A drunken pedestrian who swore at police on a busy city street has had a charge of offensive behaviour dismissed because a Sydney magistrate believes there are no longer "community standards" in relation to such behaviour.

Magistrate Pat O'Shane not only threw out the case against Canberra man Rufus Richardson, 27, but awarded him costs of more than $2600, ruling he should never have been arrested and charged in the first place. Ms O'Shane also said police accounts that Richardson had told them "youse are f. . .ed" was not a proper basis for his arrest because that type of language was "to be expected on George St at that time of night".

That's us the tax payer footing the bill of this fleabag. Such a joke!

"(I'm) not sure that there is such a thing as community standards anymore," Ms O'Shane said in relation to the language alleged against Richardson, before she dismissed the charge.

How can there be community standards when magistrates refuse to impose any standards. When police try to enforce any community standards, they are told to get lost.

Police confirmed yesterday they would appeal against the decision handed down in Downing Centre Local Court last Wednesday. After hearing accounts from the officers involved, Ms O'Shane dismissed the charges without calling evidence from Richardson himself, deeming there to be "no prima facie case" against him.

I don't know what the hell the police are appealing for, what's the point, maybe they should all just quit, leave the law enforcement to the likes of this magistrate, leave it to the academics, lawyers, politicians and left wing appeasers. Let them deal with an angry drunk, when one of them encounters a club weilding madman, they can hold hands and hum, or hold up law books, and reason with the crim. When they are confronted with violent sports fans or gangs, they can reach out and share hugs and kisses, turn around and bend over, whatever the hell they want to.

I wonder if Magistrate O'Shane would feel the same way if she got abused by some jerk on the streets, I suppose it would depend on the time of day and the street, I guess there would then be some standards, just that they would only apply to her.

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