Naughty pictures

Interesting that the old Nazi pix that I put up on Friday via Calvin College would not come down for most of the day. Being a cautious old conservative, of course, I had foreseen that and gave backup links to where you could find the same pix on one of my own sites. What I had foreseen was that the links to the Calvin College site might overload their bandwidth but I think there was in fact more to it than that. I put the pix up on four different blogspot sites and and none of the four would bring in the pix from Calvin college. Being a skeptical old devil, however, I also posted the same links on three non-blogspot sites and the pix there always came down promptly over the same period. So I suspect that someone at Calvin College got a bit irked at anybody actually looking at what they have in their archive and blocked all blogspot sites from accessing the pix. Why am I not surprised?

No Pasaran linked to my comments about the Nazi propaganda posters but wisely used my site as source for the pic they used rather than relying on Calvin College.


I have now put the pictures up as a separate file here

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