I'm going to claim my $10,000 too

I'd make some comment about filing this one under frivolous lawsuits, but that doesn't really cover the extent of the lunacy on show here.
A SACKED insurance broker who repeatedly came to work drunk - and even urinated in a wastepaper bin - has been awarded $10,000 compensation after claiming discrimination against his attention deficit disorder.

Workplace experts warn the Federal Magistrates Court's decision in favour of Jirra Collings Ware could open the floodgates for countless employees to claim ADD or depression in termination cases when the Federal Government removes unfair dismissal provisions.
My goodness.

I have ADD and suffer from mild depression (and no, I'm not joking). I've also never turned up to work drunk, or pissed in bins, because that's not what people with any brains or vague sense of decency do. Ware needs to take responsibility for his own actions - his alcoholism is his fault, and his ADD does not lead to these sorts of actions. However, the bigger picture is just as disturbing:
"The Ware case sends an alarming message to employers, given Mr Ware's disability of depression is very common amongst Australians and the company tried a number of approaches to manage Mr Ware's performance, as well as providing him with significant support."
And after all the concession to Ware, he still sued - and horrifically, he won. 1.1 million Australians have depression each year, and now they have a precedent of a court case that grants them money when they cease to control their actions.

Federal Magistrate Rolf Driver - the lunatic behind the bench responsible for this amazingly stupid decision - is the same guy that said it is ok for an employer to force a female employee to wear mini-skirts to work if she wears them outside of work. Driver belongs in a mental asylum, not in the Federal Court.

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