Iraqis Vote Again

Democracy is a process and a frame of mind, not simply having an election or two. Still, it's kind of nice to have an election about the document with which to arrange future processes, isn't it? Today Iraq will find out what happened with the vote. Preliminary reports indicate a 65+% turnout, which is higher than in January. The numbers are lifted by a large increase in Sunni voting, but, our media overlords and intellectual superiors warn us, that just means Sunnis are turning out in large numbers to reject the constitution. I just have one question: Isn't that better than them trying to kill others?

I know some will never trust the words of white people, so let's hear a little from some Iraqis:
I'm sure there will be those who will insist that any positive reaction must be some kind of fraud, or a minority view at best. Then there are others who will insist that the fact that somebody's point of view did not carry the day delegitimizes the process. These pople are dreaming of 100% voter turnouts, where 100% of the people vote for the obvious candidate. I believe that happened under Saddam, yes. And Stalin, too. Even Hitler. These people can't possibly have supported all three.

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