Communists accuse US of communist tactics

And who are the communists?
A United Nations human rights investigator has accused US and British forces in Iraq of breaching international law by depriving civilians of food and water in besieged cities as they try to flush out militants.

The US military denied the charge and said that while supplies were sometimes disrupted by combat, food was never deliberately withheld.

Jean Ziegler, a former Swiss sociology professor who is UN special rapporteur on the right to food, said the Geneva Conventions banned military forces from using "starvation of civilians as a method of warfare".
Ziegler is best known in conservative circles for blaming the drop in the Iraqi child malnutrition rates from 30% to 8% on Coalition forces, and calling it a "doubling".

30 x 2 = 60, not 8.

Ziegler also regularly goes well outside his nominated field - a misuse and abuse of his position - to single out one country for attack. Now which country would that be?

The one with all the Joooooooooooooooooooos, of course. Israel and America are the enemy for Ziegler, but considering his position on the Executive Committee of the Socialist International and his job with the world's largest socialist/communist organisation, his dislike of Israel and America is to be expected.

But back to Ziegler's claim: does it hold any credibility? I'm far more likely to believe the US Military over a partisan socialist with a virtually facts-free agenda.

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