America Haters

East Timor's Foreign Minister Jose Ramos-Horta pays tribute to US troops in The Asian Wall Street Journal

Time and again as I watch the barbarity inflicted on innocent Iraqi civilians, often women and children, pass with seeming silence and indifference from the rest of the world, I ask where are those who are so quick to take to the streets to protest every alleged US sin, be it real or imaginary?

If they are so appalled at the graphic photos showing the depraved acts committed by a small number of American servicemen – photos that, never let it be forgotten, were unearthed as a result of the US Army's own investigation – surely they should be even more appalled by the daily carnage inflicted on the Shiah majority in Iraq.

Instead, those who hate the US seem to believe that every wrong committed by an American serviceman must not only be loudly condemned but portrayed as a deliberate act by the US Government, while the systematic and daily barbarities perpetrated predominantly by Sunni Muslims upon their fellow Muslims pass without comment. Such hypocrisy and unwarranted attacks increase the pressure on the US to cut and run from Iraq...

For all the present violence, in a few years Iraq could easily evolve into a peaceful and democratic country. Whether that transpires ultimately rests in the hands of the millions of Iraqis. But they cannot succeed if they are abandoned. And the brave, young American soldiers whom we today see cruising the treacherous streets of Iraq, sometimes battling the terrorists, sometimes conversing with ordinary Iraqis, will be remembered as the heroes who made this possible.

Not so, moans he on a full belly while his people hope for more aid from the US and others. Australia was the only one to walk out before/during his speech at the FOA food summit, apparently Mugabe's speech drew anger and applause, I wonder which pathetic excuse/s applauded Africa's dear leader.

One has to wonder why Mugabe would even be allowed to speak, let alone his audience actually sit and listen to him. Since it is a UN event and it was in Europe, perhaps the audience just couldn't help themselves but partake in a good ol America bashing.

May I humbly suggest to the US authorities, cancel some visas/permits of certain returning officials, then offer free onward flights to Harare, lets see if the hospitality and welcoming is returned.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, at a UN conference in Rome yesterday:

Must we allow these men (George W. Bush and Tony Blair), the two unholy men of our millennium who, in the same way as Hitler and Mussolini, formed (an) unholy alliance, formed an alliance to attack an innocent country? The voice of Bush and the voice of Blair can't decide who shall rule in Zimbabwe, who shall rule in Africa, who shall rule in Asia, who shall rule in Venezuela, who shall rule in Iran, who shall rule in Iraq . . . The US and Britain have taken it upon themselves to decide for us in the developing world. Even to interfere in our domestic affairs, and want to bring about what they call regime change. Where are their democratic tenets? Where is their morality? Where is their compliance with the salient principles of good governance? . . . Bush and Blair have created a world of giants and international terrorists who use now their state muscle in order to intimidate us, (in which) we become the midgets.

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