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Remember Ulf Hjertstrom, the plucky Swede who decided he was going to take out the scum who kidnapped him, Douglas Wood and their Iraqi colleagues?

Well, I thought I'd drop him a note to see how he was getting on:

Dear Mr. Hjertstrom,

Please forgive this brief note. I was wondering how your mission, the tracking of the murderous thugs who kidnapped Douglas Wood and yourself, is coming along? I must be honest, it would make my day to hear that you have made some progress.

Yours faithfully,

James Ozark.

Well, Ulf very kindly replied:

Dear James,

Thanks for your kind mail. Yes we have nearly finish the first stage now, and over ten murders have been put "out of service". Unfortunately we have found more basters on our way and decided to go ahead until the job is finish. We also have to take care of a lot of people families etc. that have become victims of this as they have no support what so ever.

Best regards

Ulf Hjertstrom

I have time for this man. I have even more time for what he is doing, both for his fight back and his concern for the families of the Iraqi men who were murdered in cold blood. Here's his donation site’s address: hjertstrom.com.

If you're feeling so inclined, let him know you care.

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