The Religion of Violence

With the ongoing execution of vile and disgusting acts around the globe, let’s just call it what it is. Just in the last few days, we’ve had bombings in India, schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia, honour slayings in Europe, all in the name of Islam. And yet still we caper and cavort before this vile ideology:

Prince Charles to plead Islam's cause to Bush

The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11.

. . .the actions of 19 hijackers should [not] tarnish the reputation of hundreds of millions of law-abiding Muslims around the world.
The actions of 19 hijackers didn’t ‘tarnish’ the reputations of ‘law-abiding’ Muslims - the moderates’ (so-called) reaction to them did that. Only a few months ago, I watched in utter disgust while ‘moderate’ Muslims here in Australia shrieked on an SBS panel program about our war against ‘Islam’ in Iraq (specifically Iraq). Really? Is it? Well, either they were making a stunningly stark admission, if they see a larger war on terror and a war on Islam as being one and the same thing, or each and every one of the people in that studio was in the grip of the very same mentality that drives one of these bearded arseholes to blow up a marketplace, or chop off a little girl’s head because she’s a Christian. Why? Because the Muslims here know damn well our involvement in Iraq (again specifically) was about Saddam. ALL about Saddam. The fact is they choose to make our involvement in Iraq a war against Islam, just as they choose to see a war against terror in the very same light (as, increasingly, do we all). To what end? That’s obvious. And that’s why we pretty much know a ‘moderate’ Muslim is merely one not in the process of delivering Jihad at the end of a rusty machete or a rucksack full of explodey moonshine.

Of course, Sweden is rapidly vanishing down the plughole, and the further it bends over to appease these fascists, the more the Jihadis want to deliver the killer bottom punch:

Swedish Members of Parliament, but even many politicians on lower and local levels, say they experience threats or violence. Many of them say the harassment is so bad they consider leaving politics.
The rest of Europe is right behind.

The point is, I agree with that studio full of 'moderate' Muslims here in Aus'. And I've had it with them.

Bring on the quarantine. Bring it on now.

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