Rights of the enemy

The US military has launched a criminal investigation into alleged misconduct by its troops in Afghanistan, including the burning of Taleban corpses. The move came after an Australian TV station ran footage of what it says was US soldiers burning the remains.

I heard the ad about this on wednesday (19/10), something about an exclusive, geneva conventions, anger muslims world wide etc. Boy, am I shocked, SBS Dateline jumping to the defense of the taliban, oh my what an exclusive, so worried about the muslim anger/opinion. What would terrorists and muslim fanatics do without the support of fair minded SBS and their exclusives.

The SBS television footage begins with a warning of disturbing scenes, particularly for Muslim viewers. It opens with what the programme describes as shots of an American PsyOps unit using loud pop music to try to flush out the Taleban - who banned music when they ruled the country.

Some footage shows what the programme describes as the corpses of two Taleban fighters laid out facing Mecca and then being burned in what the reporter, John Martinkus, describes as a "deliberate desecration of Muslim beliefs".

The footage shows other troops apparently taunting residents of a nearby village, which they believed to be harbouring the Taleban. The act of burning corpses is regarded as a sacrilege in Islam. Later footage shows two US soldiers reading from a notebook messages which they said had already been broadcast to villagers.

"Attention Taleban you are cowardly dogs," the message reads. "You allowed your fighters to be laid down facing West and burnt. "You are too scared to retrieve their bodies. This just proves you are the lady boys we always believed you to be."

A Pentagon spokesman said that, if true, the claims would be "very troublesome". The US military condemned the alleged acts, saying they would be "aggressively investigated".

Let the Pentagon investigate and deal with it as they see fit, but lets not forget who we are dealing with, we all know the double standards that are applied by the Media towards the US military, you must respect the rights of the enemy, who does not fight in uniform, has no qualms about fighting from behind civilians, shooting you in the back, slitting a hostage's throat, etc. You must follow international standards set in far away places and will be held accountable, while your enemy can do whatever he pleases, under the guise of fighting a superior military force. Besides, I would not be surprised if there are a few facts that SBS may have forgotten to mention and may conveniently forget to air at a later stage..

I'm not going to lose any sleep over the treatment of an enemy who would never follow the Geneva conventions if an American soldier were captured. And lets not get ourselves into a knot about the "desecration of Muslim beliefs", which part of muslim beliefs include what happened to Margaret Hassan, the burnt and strung up contractors in Falluja, the hostage beheadings in Iraq, the suicide bomb victims in Iraq, the victims of 9/11, bali or the London subways. No investigations, inquiries by the perpetrators or exclusives carrying warnings of offence to Christians are there.

Its a bit rich for SBS to be pointing the finger at the US military whilst safe under their protection, we should not ask these soldiers to face this kind of hatred and ask them to respect the beliefs of the enemy. It is these beliefs that brought them there in the first place.

Lastly, before we start squealing and apologising to an enemy, who incidentally has yet to show contrition for any of the horrors it has done, we have to remember is it not the whole of the US military as we are would be led to believe.

Oh yes, I agree the taliban are a bunch of ladyboys.

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