Does America face a loss of will and self-confidence?

Some people seem to think it does and perhaps they are right. No country is being subjected to such a ferocious white-anting attack from the Left as America is. When a large section of your own populace wants you to lose at anything you do, you have certainly got a problem. The "antiwar" exhibitionists America has prancing around the place at the moment would all be in jail if Woodrow Wilson were still President. Read your history if you doubt it.

Lots of people have drawn my attention to an article by Jonathan Last which argues in favour of an imminent loss of American will by comparing America today with Britain in the era between the two world wars. Last argues that despite their victory in WW1, the British went all Leftist and wussy in the 20s and 30s and virtually threw their empire and their position of strength away. He thinks America might be on the same track.

It's absolute rubbbish as an analogy. In World War I, Britain lost virtually an entire generation of its young men. No wonder the entire nation got totally demoralized by that and came to have an absolute horror of war and anything associated with it. Chamberlain's "appeasement" of Hitler is scorned now but it had the support of virtually the entire British population at the time.

The American death-rate in Iraq is piffling by comparison. It's about the same as the homicide rate in Detroit. I give every honour to the brave men who have voluntarily joined the military forces that are now in Iraq and feel personally grieved when I hear of a death among them but comparing that to what happened to Britain in WW1 is ludicrous. It's also ludicrous because another country than Britain emerged from WW1 as the strongest -- the USA. Whereas the USA faces no rivals regardless of what happens in Iraq.

If the Muslims ever got to be more than a nuisance, GWB could just press the red button -- which he has recently been officially authorized to do -- and most of the Islamic world would vanish in a thermonuclear cloud, Mecca included. It's only the good heart of GWB and the American people that stands between the Muslims and that fate. For the sake of the societies that they infest, I hope that the Islamic fruitcakes have enough brains to remember that another American President reluctantly decided to use nuclear weapons on a civilian population rather than suffer further American military casualties.

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