The New Sweden?

But is it a place the Swedes (or anyone else) will want to live in? I’ve written numerous posts (as have many others) on the topic of multiculturalism, and its underlying result: the obliteration of unique cultural identities - an inevitable outcome the multicultis are all too well aware of.

Here’s a new twist, though, that suggests the end might be a lot closer than we all think. . .

Make Swedes mentors for immigrants - minister

A fifth of the Swedish public would consider being a mentor for newly arrived immigrants, according to a report from the Swedish Integration Board.

Now, Minister of Equality and Integration Jens Orback says he wants to harness this enthusiasm to boost integration.

"For me, this is about a reciprocal mentorship, where native Swedes should also be integrated in the new Sweden, and not just the opposite," wrote Orback on Svenska Dagbladet's debate page, Brännpunkt. Embarrass
I think this is an amazing statement, and for the simple reason that it potentially speaks to a recognition of the fact that the Swedes’ nation is rapidly becoming so alien to them that some form of ‘integration’ (or reintegration) is actually required. What a disaster! We're witnessing a culture in the process of being wiped out. In God’s name, why?

Once again, Mark Steyn’s words resonate all too powerfully: ‘a liberal democratic tradition so mired in self-loathing it would rather destroy our civilization just to demonstrate its multicultural bona fides’.

It’s an answer, of sorts, but no real answer when you’re seeking even a possibility of some good coming from all of this. Unfortunately, I don’t see it. And the strident shrieks from the ‘it’s not that bad’ crowd are becoming a little too shrill for comfort.

Hat tip, the Fjordman.

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