Lucky Britain -- to have so much "diversity"

Is Birmingham on the brink of a race war?

For years rival black gangs have waged brutal battles in the maze of streets on the neighbouring estates in Lozells, Aston and Handsworth. But there were growing fears last night that two of the most violent black gangs, the Burger Bar Boys and the Johnson Crew, may unite against Asian gangs involved in the weekend riots.

According to an internet report, the two gangs — which were involved in the New Year murders of Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare — have put their differences aside in the aftermath of the riots. A black music website called Supatrax featured an anonymous message under the heading: “One black girl raped by 19 men, one black youth dead, one Asian man dead, one police officer shot, two girls stabbed, cars getting jacked, cars on fire.” It reads: “Word outta street is that members from Johnson Crew and Burger Bar have met to call a truce to recent gang warfare and unite against any attacks from the Pakistani community. “For too long black people have had to stand by . . . this is a time to unite and stand strong not only for the justice of the young girl but also for the black community as a whole.”

Four men, all members of the Burger Boys, were found guilty of the murder of the two girls who were shot outside a party in Aston in January. Marcus Ellis, 24, Charlene’s half-brother, was among those jailed.

(Excerpt from The Times)

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