Ouchly ouchly, more softly softly

Just listening to this breaking loonacy from the left, on Radio 2GB. NSW police have been asked to adult conference with 7 rioters who pelted and assaulted them in the riots with bricks, molotov cocktails etc during the last Macquarie Field Riots. Apparently this order/request has come from the NSW Attorney General's Office.

The conferencing is basically a left wing inspired get-together meant to bring offenders and victims together, to show the offenders what their offences have led to, probably everybody has a good cry, holds hands and the offenders apologise and do not reoffend after this. This has been done with some success with minors (under 14) regarding smaller crimes in Aboriginal communities, probably like shop lifting. Not violent crime or things like a riot.

However things like a riot are not all that serious to left wing loons sitting in the lotus position in their ivory towers. Afterall, all the worlds problems can be solved by holding hands, and to borrow a term from Tiberius (hope you don't mind), "jerking off in unison"; and offcourse wiping America and the Jews off the planet.

Needless to say the Police and the NSW state government are not happy with the Attorney General and his pilot program. Shoes of various sizes and models will be connecting to posteriors of various sizes and shapes over this.


The NSW attorney general has decided accept the petitions from the above mentioned parties to reverse this decision. Why, read the above about posteriors being unwillingly moved.

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