Pigs and Ham Sandwiches

Was the story (on lots of blogs yesterday) about a Muslim-inspired ban on piggy banks "fake but accurate"? Apparently the banks concerned have denied the story. But I guess they would after all the adverse publicity it got them. Anyway, the story has been heavily covered in the Australian mainstream media and we all know how careful the MSM claim to be about their "fact checking", don't we?

But whether that particular story is true or not, there have been other similar stories about pandering to Muslim "sensitivities" about pigs that do appear to have been confirmed -- such as this one.

One of the things I asked in my post about it was: "Will we soon be banned from eating ham sandwiches?" And it seems that I might have been a bit prophetic there. An American reader writes: "Actually the company across the street from us has already told the vending companies to delete all pork products from the break rooms and cafeteria. Why? The Muslim employees. So, the Muslim employees have decided, backed by a spineless, whimpering management, that no employee can buy pork products at lunch. What's next, banning the employees from bringing a ham sandwich from home?"

I report, you decide.

Another good comment from a reader follows:

"With all this talk of banning pigs for Muslims (when the only problem that Muslims have with pigs is that they can't be eaten), why is no cow banning going on for the sake of Hinduism?

For Hindus the cows are sacred (to be worshipped almost as gods)...and there is no ban on disrespect to cows yet! I would think that the Hindu view on cow replicas would be much stronger than the Muslim view on pig replicas!

In addition, Jewish people have the same pig rules as Muslims...so why are the Muslims' rights being respected where as the Jewish people have been overlooked in that regard completely?

And we missed the way many practicing Hindus and Buddhists feel about eating meat to begin with. In that sense, no animal should be appropriate (and in some cases no animal product either!)!

And there have to be other religions that I missed too".

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