Brian Leiter cops it

Keith Burgess Jackson has just taken another swing at that mini-Chomsky, Brian Leiter. Leiter really is execrable. If you want to know what elitist hate is like, read Leiter.

Excerpt from Keith's latest post:

Brian Leiter is a sloppy thinker and a reckless writer, not to mention a bad person. He has poor judgment when it comes to identifying quality, whether in persons, in books, or in academic departments. Why anyone would take him seriously, on any matter of importance, is beyond me.

By the way, one of the philosophers Leiter insulted, William A. Edmundson, is currently guest-blogging for him! Either Edmundson doesn't realize that Leiter insulted him or he has a huge capacity for forgiveness.

Wicked Thoughts has just put up a reminder of his past campaigns against Leiter too.

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