More revealing Nazi posters from the 1930s

Note the similarity to modern Leftist themes

The first poster below is about Nazi "compassion". It advertises the Nazi charity, the NSV. The text translates: "Health, child protection, fighting poverty, aiding travellers, people's community, helping mothers: These are the tasks of the National Socialist People's Charity: Join up"

The poster below shows how big the Nazis were on collective action rather than individuality. It translates as: "National Socialism -- the organized will of the nation". It depicts storm troopers and was a favourite Nazi poster

And this next one must be the most amusing peace poster of all time. Note the date. It was issued in the very year the war began. It promoted the 1939 Nuremberg Rally and the slogan translates as the "National Party Rally of Peace". But the rally (or "assembly") was cancelled when World War II began. The message of the imagery seems to be: "Peace -- or else!". We all know how vicious and aggressive peaceniks can be (see e.g. here) but this image expresses that with unusual clarity.

But most interesting of all is probably the last poster below. It shows not a Soviet hammer and sickle (standing for worker and peasant) but just a hammer. And the text tells us why. It translates idiomatically as: "Workers with the mind and with the hands, choose the frontline soldier: HITLER!" How modern! Leftists today don't give a damn about country people either. They claim to be an alliance between the intellectuals and the workers. The more things change ....

I am grabbing bandwidth off the German Propaganda Archive of Calvin College to put these pix up but if they do not come up, you can also find them here and here and here and here

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