The leftists are gathering..

Trust the leftists and lawyers to leap to the defence of one of history's worst scumbags

Saddam Hussein is in good spirits on the eve of his trial in Baghdad, his lawyer is reported as saying. The former Iraqi leader will be led into court on Wednesday with seven associates, charged with ordering the killing of 143 Shia men in 1982.

Lawyer Khalil Dulaimi said the trial was illegitimate and that he would ask for an adjournment, but said Saddam Hussein was still "very optimistic". The lawyer said that when the trial opened he would ask the court for an adjournment of at least three months, to allow him more time to prepare the defence case.

Court officials say that after legal argument an adjournment is likely to be granted, though it is not clear for how long. Saddam Hussein's lawyers are expected to challenge the court's right to conduct the trial.

"We will dispute the legitimacy of the court as we've been doing every day. We will claim it is unconstitutional and not competent to try the legitimate president of Iraq," Mr Dulaimi said.

I say bugger the courts, just hand the bastard over to the Shiites or Kurds, let them vote on it, throw out the cameras and pro saddam groups, let them deal with him as best they see fit, the same amount of mercy he showed them. We don't want to know what happens to him.

Human rights groups, too, have expressed concerns. A Human Rights Watch report says the Iraqi Special Tribunal "runs the risk of violating international standards for fair trials".

Why don't we ask his victims how concerned they are if he recieves a fair trial, if he is being well fed, cared for and where the hell were the international standards when he was in power.

Amnesty International said it was sending three delegates to Baghdad to ensure Saddam Hussein received a fair trial, and to oppose the death penalty if he is found guilty.

I wonder, how many delegates did they send to monitor the situation of the hostages held by terrorists.

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