The Islamists and the Left: 2 peas in a pod

Pravda just reported that Vladimir Putin came out and basically reiterated what President Bush recently said about Islamists who desire to annihilate no-Mohammedans and create a world wide Caliphate. To those who have followed Islamic acts of violence the past several decades and who have extensively read through the Koran, Hadiths, and other Islamic writings this comes as no surprise. Anyone with the ability to read and who has seen he atrocities wrought by Islamists all around the globe could see this as clear as day. It happens almost hourly somewhere on Earth.

The only ones who cannot seem to see these things are Liberals in North America and Europe, and those who call themselves "moderate Muslims." Yet the media for some reason seems to try and paint a picture of a hijacked religion that is essentially peaceful.... And it really irks me to no end to watch our nation, our politicians, and our media tip toe around the issue and pretend it is not a real threat to the civilized world. Yet when our President Bush stands up and calls a spade a spade and he takes action to ensure these zealots cannot get their way and endanger the free thinking world, he is abused in the press and in the political world for being a warmonger....

Liberalism and Sharia are not so different. They both want total domination of their ideologies. They both desire to have the entire world speak their language and blindly follow their rules. They both hate any education that allows free thought, as free thought is the most dangerous enemy to Islam and Liberals. The Muslims have Sharia, Liberals have Political Correctness. Both would have their perceived enemies destroyed with no thought. Ask Michael Moore and his cronies. Listen to the hatred from the lips of both, all one needs to do is disagree with them and the flames will come. Write an article disagreeing with homosexuality or spending wasted billions on failed school systems and social programs that breed only dependency on the government.

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