Registry Not the Answer

So much for the federal gun registry. Not only has a firearm once again been used in the commission of a crime but a young man is dead - an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of warring gangs. The streets of Winnipeg have been much like the Old West as of late and the gun registry has done nothing to halt the violence.
More than 1,000 people packed a downtown theatre yesterday to bid farewell to a young man who died a premature and public death.

The funeral service for Phil Haiart, a 17-year-old Winnipegger who was killed on Maryland Street last Monday when he was hit by a bullet meant for someone else, was held at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre yesterday because there were no churches available big enough to accommodate the expected crowd.

The theatre's 900-plus main floor seats were filled with an extra 150 or so people spilling onto the balcony level.
I don't mean to politicize this tragic death but isn't the purpose of the Liberal registry to prevent this kind of garbage? Are politicians so dense as to believe criminals will actually register their guns - the guns they buy on the street for fifty bucks? Puh-leeze. No, I don't believe politicians are that dense. This whole registry thing is simply a tactic. The Liberals want to be seen as doing something about crime. But instead of cracking down on offenders when they are convicted they choose to get tough with law-abiding citizens. Makes sense to me. Meanwhile more people will die.

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