Time The Real Victims Were Recognised

Overlooked in all the sympathy and anger over the bombing of the London Underground and a bus are the real victims- the visible adherents of Islam who may be subject to some villification, or at least suspicion.

The ABC has been on the case, with Lateline loon Tony Jones speaking to a chap in london who looked like Peter Lorre (and who turned out to be reasonably sane), and what appeared to be some derro they found in a skip behind the studios in South Melbourne:-

but who trned out to be the leading Wah'abi Grand Poobah in Australia, Sheikh Mohommad Omran, who has come to notice a bit of late.

Tones was chock full of angry pills, and displaying a change of angle from the usually docile and Koran compliant public broadcaster:-

TONY JONES: Sheikh Omran, could I just interrupt you there, because you seem to be suggesting that part of the responsibility must obviously lie with Islamic clerics such as yourself. Do you believe it is now your responsibility, for example, to convince young Australian Muslims that Osama bin Laden is an evil man and that the philosophy of al-Qaeda is a perversion of Islam?

MOHAMMED OMRAN: Look, as I said, the whole community has to cooperate on these matters. Yes, it is part of my business and part of my duties to teach my people how to understand Islam in a proper way and how to understand the outside world, as well as to understand their own society. This cannot be done without the support of the government and the support of the media and the support of my people too.

TONY JONES: Can I interrupt you, though, because I asked you a specific question there about Osama bin Laden, and I asked it specifically because you have actually said in the past that Osama bin Laden is a very great man for some of his actions.

MOHAMMED OMRAN: This is as I said. When you look at the man from some part of his life, yes, he is. From another part, well, again, what action we are talking about? I dispute any evil action linked to bin Laden. Again, I don't believe that even September 11 - from the beginning, I don't believe that it has done by any Muslim at all, or any other activities. London, as I said just a few seconds ago, never done yet - no-one proven that any Muslim has a hand in it. But ...

TONY JONES: But given the overwhelming body of evidence suggesting - not suggesting, in fact, proving that Osama bin Laden was responsible for September 11, are you saying that you tell young Muslims in your care that this never happened?

MOHAMMED OMRAN: I don't say it never happened. I would say...

TONY JONES: That he wasn't responsible, that al-Qaeda wasn't responsible?

MOHAMMED OMRAN: This has happened in evil hands for an evil action, and first target was the Muslims for that. How could I believe any Muslim could think to hurt his own religion by doing an evil act like this? This is why, from this perspective, I believe all these evil actions, which bring nothing but harm to the Muslims in particular and people who support Muslims, support their communities in general, like the Londonese people, who went out and marched in millions to support our cause in Palestine and in Iraq and all these - and we go back to pay them by bombing them? It's impossible to happen by a Muslim who has a Muslim heart at least. Maybe these people...

TONY JONES: Sheikh Omran, we're nearly out of time. I'm going to go back to Reda Hassaine, and I just want to get your response to what you've just heard there and also your impression about where this could go, because I know you actually spent a good deal of your life infiltrated into mosques, finding out the mindset of Islamic clerics who do tell their pupils to go and fight jihad.

REDA HASSAINE: To be honest, for me, I don't know personally Osama bin Laden or something - I don't, because he is far away from my own land. But for me there is another Osama bin Laden here in London. He is known as Abu Qatada. He is the one who can create, who can recruit and brainwash people to do what he call jihad. He used to say to people that paradise is held swords, and to get into it, you have to use one of the swords. That means you have to kill. And you have to remember that Abu Qatada, before he joined al-Qaeda, he used to be the spiritual leader of the GIA and then the GSBC, Algerian. He made Fatwah for them to allow them to kill women, to kill kids, to kill old people, to kill journalists and all this kind of stuff. This guy, for me, he is a murderer, and he should be put on trial. We are looking for him. If you have to be extradited to another country in which it is a Muslim country and then you will see which kind of person he is, because he teach only hate.

TONY JONES: I just have to let Sheikh Omran respond to that, if I can, because I know that Abu Qatada is in fact a friend of yours.

MOHAMMED OMRAN: (Laughs). Ahh...yes, he is, or he was. I never heard him doing or saying something like that. In fact, in general, and in Australia in particular, they have this understanding, and their Fatwah - even before this - yes, you mentioned they made this Fatwah, but it is a connected matter, in our constitution, that something like that is not allowed in our land. There is a big difference between talking about jihad and talking about swords. Of course, every country has its military army and actions, and people learn how to use the sword or to use the gun. So there is no harm in talking about that, but the harm is how to use that and where to use it and when to use it. But we don't say it's harm to talk about military. Just a few minutes ago, you been talking to the opposition secretary of...

TONY JONES: Defence.

MOHAMMED OMRAN: Defence or something, and you talk about military and John Howard going to send troops here, and this is what we are talking about here. We are talking about the sword and what the sword has to be used for. It's not a horrible thing to talk about it. Is the horrible how to use it and when to use it and for whom to use it. This is what the terribleness about it.

TONY JONES: On that intriguing note we'll have to leave you. I'm afraid we are out of time. Sheikh Mohammed Omran in Melbourne and Reda Hassaine in London, thanks to both of you for joining us.

MOHAMMED OMRAN: You're most welcome.

REDA HASSAINE: You're welcome.

Once you managed to decipher the virtually impenetrable Anglo-Arab vernacular, it became clear that this fat fruitcake in a beanie was an influential figure in Australian Islam, particularly among young, emptyheaded pillocks- the same sort of mook who joins the Green/Left or PETA if Anglo Saxon and middle class.

While annoying, they aren't usually dangerous and armed, unlike the products of beardo's indoctrination.

It was surprising indeed to see Tones turn RWDB and ask one of these duplicitous loonies some hard questions; even moreso when the fruitcup gives honest answers.

No doubt the response by the federal government will be swift- much tut-tutting, poo-pooing and tsk-tsking, and bugger-all else.

My response is to pray for dysentry.

I may have the answer to my prayers here- the Phat Phuck has fully expectedly come out of his wallow to blame the victims:-

The body count for Iraqi troops, let alone Iraqi citizens, is censored. Washington allows us to know - and then reluctantly - only that nearly 2000 Americans have died.
Unlike those humdrum bombings in Baghdad, the slaughter in London was big news. And let's be clear about it: the people who died in the subway tunnels and on the bus were victims of the Iraq war. They died because of Blair's London Bridge, the one he built from the Thames to the Euphrates.
Had he not misled his nation into that murderous folly of an invasion, the people would have walked off the trains instead of being carried off on stretchers. Or had their body parts collected in bags.
Blair's response? The same rhetoric, the same mock-heroics, a renewed commitment to the political and strategic idiocy of George W. Bush. You can hear his spin doctors thinking: "If we play this right, we'll improve in the polls."
You can hear the same thoughts from John Howard's people, who will rely on the new political correctness of conservatism: that it's uncouth to link terrorist attacks in London, Madrid or possibly Sydney with the chaos unleashed in Iraq. As many in Britain are pointing out, they didn't need some Islamist loonies to focus attention on Blair's sorry role in the Iraq fiasco, that a clear majority have long deplored his duplicities, his misleadership. His bridge too far. But No.10 still says the same things, day in, year out, as if hoping through Pavlovian repetition to wear down the public.

It's starting to work already- not just the turtle's head, I think I'm touching cloth. This is going to need a few verses at least.

Are all these mongs just cut-and-pasting a template?

(Image courtesy of Slatts News).

First posted at the Daily Diatribe.

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