Phillip Adams, Australian icon and all round good guy has an annoying habit of being either wrong,incorrect or mistaken on any number of occasions.

Leigh Cartwright at A Western Heart takes Adams to task over his latest column.
'Because as we all know, more than "just a few bombs" explode on a very large minority, or even a majority of the days in Iraq. Ambiguity and vagueness is a tool Adams uses a lot - how many is "just a few bombs"? He won't say, because he doesn't know.'

JF Beck at RWDB has another view on Phillip Adams. Britain had this coming – The Australian.
'Sick fuck.'

Mike Jericho discusses Adams' views.
'Adams has outdone himself. His title of the article he has penned on the London Bombings? Britain Had This Coming. Oh, dear God. The poor lunatic has also just tried to claim that the terrorist's choice of targets are in some way legitimate.'

Attila looks at Adams' column with a critical eye.
'Who would have ever thought that Phillip Adams would jump on the "London deserved to be bombed" bandwagon? Actually, I don't even need to paraphrase his position - the headline of his vile article is "Britain had this coming" Hear that Susan Levy? Phillip Adams thinks you deserved to die. I struggle to express how angry this makes me. That someone could write this filfth at all is pretty disturbing, but to think that it appears in a national broadsheet, and that we pay him to host a weekly radio show, is even worse.'

Arthur Chrenkoff on Phillip Adams.
'OK, so they're victims, but are they innocent victims?'

Paddy of the Observation Deck has a choice few words about the Olive Rancher.
'That disgusting pile of walking filth Phillip Adams has his poisonous say about the London atrocity in today’s Australian. Surprise surprise, ole fat psycho Phil blames it all on the Yanks.'

The level of moral equivalency being displayed by Phil the dill is astonishing. Today's editorial in Adams' own paper goes a long way towards repudiating the rubbish of Phillip Adams.

'THERE is a faux-realist mindset common among intellectual sophisticates in the West that holds the community's moral compass is not true and that only they have the courage and insight to understand the issues of our age. Normally, their eccentric egoism does no harm. But in the aftermath of the London bombings last week, claims that the British Government's involvement in the war to remove Saddam Hussein and continuing presence in Iraq render it responsible for the murder and mutilation of 50 people – with the butcher's bill not complete – are arrant and offensive nonsense. It beggars belief that, fully a dozen years after the first attempt to bring down the World Trade Centre in New York by Islamic extremists, there are still apologists for evil who blame the victims every time terrorists attack.'

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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