Oppose and object. Another day in Australian politics.

Well, it's that time again. A snapshot of the federal political issues du jour in Australia.Who's thrown their toys out of the cot, had the bottom out of their showbag and want the one hand-one bounce rule introduced. Once again, we may as well look at the largest group of political prisoners, the Australian Labour Party.

Today's bleat is brought to you by Shadow Minister for Immigration, Tony Burke.

Tony Burke today welcomed the long awaited release of children from detention. Mr Burke said that while Labor clearly maintains deep-seated objection to the Howard Government's mismanagement of immigration, it is important to acknowledge when the Government takes a step in the right direction.

"Labor has long called for the release of children from detention and this call has also been made by the minor parties and a number of Liberal backbenchers. Everybody should be pleased that the Government will today meet the deadline it set and release all children from detention centres. Innocent children should never again grow up locked up. Everybody involved should be pleased that children will now be treated with a greater level of decency."

That must have really choked him up, praising the government for doing what it said it would do. Still, it's a far more rational line of thinking than the majority of the nanny-staters residing in capital cities around Australia. For example, one of the least relevant political parties in Australia, the Dimocrats.Democrats.

Democrats Leader, Senator Lyn Allison said;
"Its extremely worrying that 70% of students still say that they experience problems with bullying, given the serious consequences for young people. Although slightly more students said they were better informed about what to do, bullying is obviously not being tackled effectively. We urge the Federal Government to fund the implementation of the National Safe Schools Framework as a matter of urgency to guarantee take-up in every school. (The Federal Government has provided a mere $4.5m for the NSSF so far.) Australia also needs an independent, Federal childrens commissioner along the lines of the UK and New Zealand models, to drive change in child abuse, whether by their peers or adults. This poll also shows that students do not share the Minister for Educations obsession with getting more male teachers into schools. Almost half had more female than male teachers but only 17.4% wanted more male and 9.5% more female teachers."

That says more about the state of our education system at the state level than anything else. I can't thing of anything worse than being employed to beat pet humanities and socialist theories into the bogan mouth-breathers' illegitimate brats in public schooling. Can someone tell Lyn Allison that STATE governments run the schooling system. Please. For fuck's sake. Someone else who is just as bad at pointing the finger (amongst other skills involving pointy body parts) is Senator Bob Down, leader of the Australian Watermelons. (Green on outside, Red in middle and too much of it gives you the shits) Seriously, this moron needs to move into one of our vaunted fascist gulags.I'd put some more info here for those less familiar with his work, but these last two lines from a media release pretty much sum up his entire world view. The man is a fucking idiot.

Senator Brown praised today's action by Greenpeace in Newcastle.
"Greenpeace, not John Howard, speaks for Australia's future, and for a much more secure future for the planet," Senator Brown said.

Speechless. Must remember to send that Greenpeace Member of Parliament my details then. Silly me thinking that the elected leader of the elected majority party actually represented Australia. Speaking of unrepresentative swill, the new Senator from Family First represents a party with some decidely left-wing sympathetic views. From the FF 'Security' Policy.

"Family First sees the promotion of social, economic and political justice as integral to our global responsibilities and integral to removing the causes of the war on terror and will champion a substantial increase in the level of Australian overseas aid."

Is this code for 'root cause theory'? Cos if it is, I don't think they understand what it is they are championing. Social justice? Economic justice? Political justice? Or Family First? Sounds like socialism to me. Moving on to those who truly have no grasp of reality, Australia's soon to be defunct Communist crap paper, Green Left Weekly. Incidentally, this whole "capitalism" concept appears to be too much for Che Central to handle. Without an injection of 'capital', this trash mag is on it's way to landfill. Finally, they are doing something GOOD for the environment after all. This weeks editorial outlines a diatribe against John Howard. Details are sketchy, but it appears they are not happy that Howard didn't admit that Iraq is making us a larger terrorist target, and they now have research to back this up, and it's not fair, and Howard lied, and Muslims killed in Indonesia and blah blah blah. No wonder no one is buying this tripe. If their is a coherent point here, I can't find it.

'After noting that those claiming responsibility for the July 7 suicide bombings said they were retribution for Britain's participation in the US-led invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, Howard argued that “all the evidence, as distinct from the suppositions, suggest to me that this is about hatred of a way of life ... and I think we lose sight of the challenge we have if we allow ourselves to see these attacks in the context of particular circumstances, rather than the abuse through a perverted ideology of people and their murder.”

Ironically, Howard's argument had been refuted only a few hours earlier by Chicago University professor Richard Pape in an interview aired on ABC TV's 7.30 Report. Pape has conducted a study of 462 suicide terrorists from around the world since 1980. Based on this study, he rejects the view that suicide terrorism is mainly driven by an “evil ideology” of hatred for the “Western way of life”.'

My brain hurts trying to decipher this gibberish; just maybe perhaps because I is just a ill-educated redbeck. Or perhaps it's because they are barking mad. More barking mad infotainment is possible in this week's Communist Party of Australia bin liner editorial. Unsurprisingly, more rubbish about 'root causes'. I fucking hate commies!

"There is no talk by most of these political leaders of removing the obvious causes of terrorism, even to the point of denying that the Iraq war has anything to do with the upsurge in violence that has taken place since the invasion and occupation of Iraq. There is a decidedly anti-Islamic and racist coverage of events that is not blunted even where it reports these same dishonest political leaders attempting to enlist "moderate" Islamic clerics in their "war on terrorism".

Let us say it again for the record that the Communist Party of Australia and The Guardian condemn without reservation or exception acts of violence which are solely directed against civilians and kill those who are innocent bystanders."

By exception, they condone the killing of those they decree as 'guilty' and against military or government targets. Did I mention that I fucking hate communists? Final paragraph from the apologistas.

"Terrorist ideas and actions can only be overcome when the causes that give rise to them have been removed. These causes are the massive social and economic injustices that have become even more prevalent in the world in recent times. Today, the first step that has to be taken towards a more secure, peaceful international community is the ending the monstrous Iraq war and the huge suffering and death it is bringing to the Iraqi people. No matter how many times that John Howard attempts to deny this connection, it will remain until the war and occupation ended."

Leave Iraq. End terrorism. Once again, I'm speechless. Well, that wraps this weeks democratic debacle that is Australian federal politics. Stay tuned for more polemic, punditry and pusillanimous posting.

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