Assorted blog comments

These pretty much sum up the feeling out there today, I think.

“. . .our thoughts and prayers are with the english now. hopefully whoever did this will be hunted down and eliminated quickly.”

“Meanwhile, comments from DailyKos:
“BLAIR AND BUSH need to be brought to justice for their war crimes. WHAT HAVE YOU TWO DONE TO OUR WORLD??”
Mind boggles at the workings of the moonbat brain...what’s wrong with these fucking idiots?”

“Actually it’s almost eerily calm here. The response of the emergency services has been magnificent.”

“Well may the will of the British people be stronger than the evil that would bring terror abroad and extinguish the flames of civilisation.
Just wait for the fucking fifth collumn to be rallying in the op-eds and feedback sections about how this is Blairs own fault.“

“Chuckles ... boy are we glad you are here on the case to make sure things run smoothly. No doubt you will be reminding us next that we are culturally insensitive and that terrorism is caused by .... (insert western crime here).”

“Time to play “wack-a-jihadi” on the streets of London. If the police don’t, the people will.
You saw the traders response to the FotE oil protestors (punch them). Well I think we will see some punching with “extreme prejudice” over a short while.
It’s time to put a bounty out for collecting jihadis (just the martyred head will do).”

“It’s time to put a bounty out for collecting jihadis
Finsbury Park Mosque is a good place to start."

“Fuck the islamonazis. I hope all British people will respond like me and not give in to these twats. Surrender monkeys can piss off right now.”

“From the statement by the Arab website, claiming responsibility: “Heroic mujahedeens carried out a sacred attack in London, and here is Britain burning in fear, terror, and fright in the north, south, east and west.”


“London has been bombed before, and by people far better at it than these clowns, London will go on.
Hopefully these deaths will not be pointless and will alert others to the fact that it is a war.”

“My condolences to the British people over the latest act of terrorism. They’ve lived through much worse before and, like the US, this will only strengthen the resolve of the adults.”

“If the bastards are caught somewhere in the world by US troops, at least Senator Durbin will ensure that their cells are kept in a comfortable range between 72-85 degrees Farhenheit. Maybe we should close Guantanamo and open a detention center at the Thule Air Base in Greenland instead.”

“Forget Greenland. Make it Death Valley.
And let that creep Durbin clean their chamberpots.”

“The overwhelming majority of apologists for Muslim atrocities can be found on the Left, and as unfortunate as it is, that doesn’t just include the clinically insane DUers and Kos Kids, but also plenty of ignorant and/or confused multi-culti feel-good politicians like Livingstone. Criticizing them for it isn’t a matter of “cheap politics”, it’s one of highlighting those who unwittingly give aid and comfort to the enemy (there, I’ve said it), and frankly, sensible center-left folks like you should be the first to assail these people for their actions (or inactions).

This isn’t a mere policy disagreement, discussion of which would be considered distasteful under the circumstances - it’s a war, and speaking out against those who impede the destruction of the terrorists through their rhetoric becomes imperative. Fuck politeness.”

“Hey, Mohammed, is that your best shot?”

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