Dangerous diggers deploy to Dirkastan. Duplicitous Dems deride decision

Australian Democrats policy.

"The Australian Democrats are adamant that Parliamentary consent should be needed before Australian troops are sent to overseas conflict.From the beginning, the Australian Democrats urged the Government to stay out of a war with Iraq and focus our military resources on our region, rather than sending Australia’s Special Forces to the other side of the world."

Australian Democrats reality, from October 2001. Former leader Senator Stott-Despoja on ABC 7.30 report.

"KERRY O'BRIEN: Natasha Stott Despoja, on the commitment of Australian troops to joining America's war against terrorism in Afghanistan, I can't find anywhere where you've made clear that you're either for or against the commitment of Australian troops. Do you support or oppose that commitment?

NATASHA STOTT DESPOJA, DEMOCRATS LEADER: The Australian Democrats oppose an open-ended commitment of Australian troops, that is the deployment of defence personnel in a way that is unequivocal, there is no explanation from the Prime Minister or the US as to exactly where those troops will be deployed."

With today's announcement that 150 diggers are back to do a number on the remaining dirkadirka's, the Australian Democrats once again show the the inability to contribute anything sound to Australia's foreign policy.

"Mr Howard said we needed to 'finish the job' in Iraq, but failed to do that in Afghanistan - a country which had far greater links to terrorist threats than Iraq ever had. In 2002, it was clear that the Taliban and al-Qaeda were a resurgent threat in Afghanistan but Australia withdrew in preparation for the invasion of Iraq. Back then, Australia ignored Afghanistan's pleas for assistance in rebuilding, in education and health and in putting to work thousands of poorly educated young men who have known only the law of the gun."

Why haven't the Democrats called for the recall of Parliament to debate this deployment? Why haven't the Democrats called for any action in the SE Asian region? The area to the north of Australia is a hotbed of religious fundamentalism extremists, coupled with a massive drug trade supporting their financial activities. The Dems attack the easy targets, just like the Greens and the ALP. No concrete proposals, just innocuous statements "condemning terrorism" and vacuous waffling about how poverty causes terrorism.

Yet again another reason why the Democrats deserve to be voted out of existence.

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