Are we waking up now!!

Inciting people to commit acts of terror would be punishable by jail under post-London terror laws which Bob Carr wants introduced in Australia. This could include the sale of terror books – such as those uncovered by The Daily Telegraph this week.

In his first public appearance since returning from London, the Premier said he was going through British terror laws "line by line" to determine how they could apply here. He had written to Prime Minister John Howard asking him to consider the new laws which include offences of "indirect incitement to commit terrorism".

Having handed NSW powers over counter terrorism to the Federal Government along with other states, Mr Carr urged Mr Howard to "plug every potential gap" in the laws. "I'd like the Commonwealth to go line by line, clause by clause through [Prime Minister] Tony Blair's legislation and see whether it's relevant here," Mr Carr said. "It has my support if it does that."

"We want to involve the Islamic community in our counter terrorism activities," he said. "We want them to understand what we're about."

The federal government is considering beefing up anti-terror laws and calling in experts from London to teach local authorities how to cope with terrorist attacks. Prime Minister John Howard made the announcements as London plunged into fresh chaos amid news of up to four explosions rocking the capital's bus and train network.

MathewK -

How long has it been September 11th? Were people not getting blown up way before that, aren't children getting blown up in Iraq in the name of Islam, hostages beheaded, bombs in Lebanon, embassies in Africa, Indonesia, Bali, Spain, now twice in London.

A muslim preacher spewing anti western hatred in a Sydney mosque only a few months ago, a bookstore in Sydney selling books on hatred and terrorist methods.

Everytime George Bush or John Howard or Tony Blair speak in public, some fool always wants to know the timetable of troop withdrawal from Iraq, everytime a fundamentalist releases a grainy video or scratches an itch our leaders are asked if a link can be established to the liberation of Iraq. When the koran is carried on anything but a golden platter by an infidel, there is an outcry and our leaders are made to explain.

How many have died so far in the name of Jihad, how many more need to die before we start to examine our laws and start implementing them against this Jihad or Fundamentalist or whatever the hell you want to call them.

When the Daily Telegraph exposed the Sydney bookstore, the authorities protected the bookstore from the press, books promoting hatred of Australia and ways of destroying Australia are being sold there, is this not treasonous. Is it alright to live here and work against Australia.

Why are they still operating, are we so impotent that we cannot even stop someone from living in our midst and actively campaigning against us, it seems we are so drunk on the rights of the individual that we are utterly indifferent to the majority.

On talkback radio you hear the odd person call in to express understanding/support of suicide bombers, alqaeda and anti western sentiment whilst living here. We are told the impressionable muslim youth living in western countries are 'captured' by Al Qaeda. UK Guardian trainee journalist, Dilpazier Aslam says that "Second- and third-generation Muslims are without the don't-rock-the-boat attitude that restricted our forefathers. We're much sassier with our opinions, not caring if the boat rocks or not."

What do we do, hold on to the boat, try and reach out, nag and cajole them back to peace, we are careful not to generalise or offend, we beg the imams to talk to them, hold their hands etc. We allow the hatred to grow and flourish in our societies in the name of freedom and individual liberty, and so we shall reap hatred.

Maybe its time we grab the oars and beat them off the boat.

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  1. 911 was an inside job. Bush and Silverstein did it themselves.
    **TRUTH** and the same goes for 7/7 6 cfr.asp v


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