London - again. . .

It’s screamingly obvious that these elements want to start a war they seem to think they can win.

In terms of the urban nature of it, and the fact that our various Western countries now have large fifth columns at work (of various different colours), I'm not sure how we can combat this (in terms of will) until many, many more people have died.

Fear will eventually turn the tide, but at what appalling cost.

It's a dreadful situation. Entirely predictable, though. I've long believed this has been one of the main thrusts of multi-culturalism. Remove our ability to return the fight by bringing the enemy into our midst (whoever that may happen to be; so far, all bases covered).

While watching the television the other night, I caught our Leftist buddy Mat Henderson (Darp, the Nazi hunter), denouncing an academic for his forthright views regarding the Islamics (among other things). I was immediately reminded of his 'angry teenager' comment, made in an exchange with Mike Jericho some time ago, vis-a-vis the Islamonazis. That comment still rings in my ears. . .

Unless it's wearing a brown shirt, a swastika, and sings German marching ditties, these people will simply never see it coming. They refuse to. Then again, they're precisely the same people who stayed the West's hand when the Nazis set out to take over the world the last time.

History repeats.

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