More "Moderate" muslims

Well the muslims who run these bookstores must be moderates, or so all the wankers on the Left would have you believe.

A couple of sentences I want to draw your attention to. Firstly:

A spokesman for NSW Attorney-General Bob Debus said there were laws against racial vilification and inciting violence.

"If the literature is found to contain racial vilification then the laws are there to prosecute," he said.

"If any information or literature results in a violent act ... then we have laws to prosecute under incitement to violence."

And then, a little further on in the article:

NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said he found the material "offensive" but could not say whether it could be banned.
Yep. That would be about right. This goes hand in hand with some treasonous sow, featured on Channel 10 News. A convert to islam, there she is, shooting off that stupid mouth of hers about how this sort of material should be allowed as it is freedom of speech (despite there being laws about inciting violence) and suggesting that were we to go over to the local Jewish bookstore, we would find the same sort of Jewish extremist books.

She must mean all the Jewish extremists blowing up buses....nope. That's muslim extremists. Then maybe the Jewish extremists targeting children in schools and lining up to get candy.....nope, muslims again.

Then surely she means all the Jewish extremists stoning women for being raped and cutting the heads of civilians....oh dear.

I am afraid there is only one group of extremists that have literature and sermons about "Death to the infidels" and targeting innocents and taking over the world.

And the scumbags on the Left will defend them to their very end. It has happened with every terrorist attack in the past, it is happening in London, and it will happen in this case here and any future terrorist attacks.

The Left will argue this sort of material should be available - for their terrorist allies. But watch the uproar should there be some of this sort of material targeted at their terrorist allies. Can you imagine the amount of shrieking their would be from the Left if there really were Jewish extremist books like this?

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