Time to go........islam.

Some of you may be aware as it has been circulating around for a few days, but for those who aren’t, here it is.

Chris Byrne over at AnarchAngel has had a fatwa issued against him for exercising his freedom of speech. Go to Team Infidel and check out the videos to see them treating the koran like the vile piece of hate it is. They are great.

The FBI contacted Chris about it and told him they consider the threats genuine given that his personal details and those of family and friends were also mentioned. And if you explore the issue, you will find that the higher ups in his former company were muslims and there are suspicions that those in his company may have been the ones passing on his personal information to these terrorists.

It was issued by a known terrorist group in Europe, yet isn’t it amazing how with the hundreds of millions of these so called “moderates” around, not a single one of them knows who these terrorists are or where they can be found or which mosques they are operating out of.

Bullshit. They know and they fully support the terrorists and won’t do one thing to stop them.

Now let me ask a question. We’ve had crucifixes submersed in urine, statues of the Virgin Mary covered in condoms, synagogues and holocaust memorials defaced with swastikas, bibles burnt etc etc. How many Christians and Jews have called for the death of those responsible?

The answer is, of course, zero.

All this just further shows that islam should be banished from western civilization. It is a savage and primitive cult and should be treated with the same hatred and contempt it treats all those who do not belong to it.

To Chris and the crew, all people who believe in freedom and recognise what a disgusting blemish on western society islam is, and how it threatens every freedom we hold dear, stand with you. Make those pigfuckers die slowly, and should you get the opportunity, tape it and send me a copy.

Cheers mate, and happy hunting.

And to pre-empt you leftist traitors who are going to spew bullshit about concerns that the muslim community have about an extremist coming from
Britain to speak here - Yeah, it sounds good but talk is cheap.

Should I see muslims dragging terrorists out of their mosques and down the street to the police station by ropes around the neck, spitting on them and cursing them all the way for what they have done to their religion, I will gladly proclaim that not all muslims are terrorists and they are making a righteous stand against those who are trying to subvert their religion. But until I see action and not words taken by muslims against terrorists, I will consider them all to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the terrorists.

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