Breaking news - London again

More trouble in London, both in the tube and on buses. Nail bombs are reported in at least one tube.

Care to place bets on who is responsible? Must be those damn Buddhists again!

Channel 7 has picked up the Sky News broadcast. As well as the tube and the bus, there have been reports of armed police entering a hospital, presumably in pursuit of the guywith the rucksack.

Update I: Reports are of at least four explosions around London. Also, an arrest has been made outside Downing Street, and police have confirmed and incident at the University College Hospital near Warren St Station.

Update II: There is now talk of links between these attacks and the attacks of two weeks, primarily three tubes and a bus like before, and the north, south, east, west nature of them. I bet there will be another link that these bombers will have in common with the other ones...

Update III: Sky News is talking to a former intelligence officer and she pointed out the glaring ineptitude these attacks were carried out with compared to the others - pretty much in those words. Bwa ha ha ha!

Update IV: Mike over at Anubis has excellent coverage.

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