Tolerance of intolerance

Fatwas forbidding Muslim women from studying at university have been distributed in Sydney's southwestern Muslim heartland, according to the country's highest-profile Islamic leader. Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali said the fatwas condemning aspects of Western society had been brought into Australia from Middle Eastern countries, written in Arabic.

I wonder what else has been brought into Australia, I'm sure that all this hatred didn't just start last month.

Other fatwas, which Sheik Hilali said were unwelcome in modern Western countries such as Australia, included banning male and female Muslims from voting in democratic elections. "They have been given out, sometimes outside mosques like free handouts," he told The Australian this week. Sheik Hilali used the fatwas to highlight his concerns about Islamic fundamentalism in Australia, which he compared this week to a disease.

And what are they planning to do about this 'disease'?

He said he and other clerics needed to continue to work hard to capture the hearts and minds of a small number of young, impressionable Muslims who were moving towards fundamentalism. While he did not consider these young Muslims dangerous or violent, he was concerned that they were being manipulated by a handful of local fundamentalist clerics.

Well, that's just great, we can all sit back and relax now, they are not violent or crazy, don't worry they won't blow anything up like the books tell them to, no worries, we'll all just be shocked and horrified if it happens. Meanwhile the 'moderate' leaders shall hand out lollies and things like that to woo the 'impressionable' back to civilisation.

In Britain, the Government is moving to mobilise moderate Islam in an attempt to stem fundamentalism, stop extremism and prevent any future bombings following London's worst terrorism attack this month that killed more than 50 people, including one Australian.

The problem was there years ago, now they are reaping the price of appeasement.

Sheik Hilali declined to name those who had circulated the fatwas he described or how long ago they were distributed. He said he no longer had copies of the fatwas he had collected in the past.

So how exactly are we to stop these vermin then, can't name them, can't do anything against them, I'll bet we don't even have laws to address this kind of problem, when 'moderate' muslims start giving up these islamists I'll be convinced of their allegiance, till then anyone got some lollies.

The Australian has previously reported on one edict that instructs fundamentalist Muslims on how they should respond to Christmas - including refusing to return seasons greetings to a non-Muslim celebrating the religious occasion.

Oh my, I thought the left's solution to appease the 'other' religions, lest they be offended by the hated Christians, was to replace 'Merry Christmas' with 'Seasons Greetings'. Oh my (warning - billions will be offended by the following) God, I am shocked, appease the radicals and they are still not happy!! What, oh crazy left, should we now say, Good december-gift-sharing-fireworks-thing to the hated Christians, perhaps?

That edict, issued several years ago in Sydney, says Muslims must not greet anyone with the phrase "Merry Christmas" and must not return the season's greetings to anyone who offers them. It also says Muslims must not offer or accept any food or drink linked with the celebration of Christmas; send greeting cards for or import or sell anything related to Christmas.

In the last couple of days I heard that Christian prayers are being removed/banned from a school and the ambulance service graduation ceremonies, as we move on from the London bombings and the Islamists withdraw temporarily to regroup and plan, the Muslim leaders and moderates will offer the tired old lines of shock and condemnation at the atrocities BUT..

We in the west will return to appeasing in the name of 'not offending', we will not crack down on fundamentalism under the guise of multiculturalism, or the civil libertarians will squeal and the politicians will suffer from weak knees.

I don't think we truly understand the problem like the Americans and now, the British do, I hope we don't have to learn the hard way like they did.

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