For what, three years they scream for a hearing, yelling and shrieking that terror boy isn’t getting his day in court. Now he’s finally getting a dose of the fast track?

Hicks defence not ready, says lawyer

ANY US Government push to hold a military tribunal hearing for David Hicks within the next few weeks would be an attempt to undermine the Australian's defence, his American lawyer said today.

"I still have several months of preparation to do to get ready for a commission ... I would not be ready to go to trial to give David a proper defence in several weeks, it would take several months to get ready," Major Mori said on Channel 9.

Mr Mori said the Australian continued to suffer behind bars.

"I saw him several weeks ago, you've got to remember David's been locked up now for three-and-a-half years," he said.
Uh huh? So what’s the defence been doing in all that time?

Sorry. But please, let’s just try this little prick as soon as possible.

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