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From Australia, to the US, to the United Kingdom and Canada. Bastions of western democratic society. Over the last few years, and principally since September 11 2001, people and policies within these countries have argued vociferously about the questions of Iraq and terrorism in general. From just before the forced inspections of Iraq through to current events in London, statements have been made with the best intentions in mind, and yet, according to citizens of our own countries, the world is a more dangerous place.

Consider this hypothetical. After September 11, the US refuses to respond militarily to remove the Taliban from Afghanistan, leaving in place a rabidly anti-western religious theocracy that is supporting and training religious extremists to strike at our country. Numerous countries continue to harbour extremists, both tacitly and openly, without fear of reprisals. Libya continues to chair UN Human Rights Commissions at the same time as funding Palestinian terrorist training in their country. Saudi Arabia continues it expansion of funding to Wahabbist religious schools around the world, knowing that the west is weak and will not stand if pushed.

North Korea ramps up production of nuclear fissile material, and then moves to open purchase of Chinese ICBM technology to increase the range of their ballistic missiles. They can now easily strike Tokyo and Moscow. Iran takes the time to build up alliances within the Middle East, principally with Syria and Egypt, in the knowledge that west won't support Israel in their push to answer the 'Palestine Question'. China makes more moves towards regaining Taiwan. Heavily armed and defended military units now lie within hours of taking Taiwan by force. The US Seventh Fleet sits off Hawaii. The next closest force is on the DMZ in South Korea.

Russia starts to look at it's former oil resource rich states with envious and greedy eyes. Who will stop the bear from expanding again? The French? The Germans?

These situations may never have come to pass. It's just supposition. What is fairly certain however, that it WON'T happen whilst countries like the US, UK and Australia continue to fight for real, tangible goals like freedom and democracy. For the opposition at home and away, these are just buzz-words. Unknowable conceptual ideas that the fascists like to use to cover their all-consuming capitalist urges.

From March 11 2003, the Canadian ambassador to the UN.

'The record leaves no doubt that the Iraqi authorities have only begun to disarm because they face heavy outside pressure, including the indispensable build-up of military force by the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and others, and on the willingness of the international community to back diplomacy with force if necessary.'

That's clearly why Canada DID NOT join with the mentioned countries to enforce the numerous UN Resolutions against Iraq. Canada talked up more inspections, more time, more allowances. When it was eventually time to throw down, Canada wouldn't step up to it's international obligations.

The Democratic Party in the US is currently the main opposition political party. Their stance on Iraq has been one of mixed messages to say the least. Their stance on terrorism is the same. Catch the terrorist leaders. With hugs. This message on the Democrats web site shows all the political and strategic analysis of the playground. Either they know where Osama Bin Laden is hiding or they truly aren't fit to be an electable political entity. It's unclear if this is official Democrat anti-terrorism policy or just the webmasters comments. I hope it's just the latter.

'Tonight in his speech, president Bush plans to bring up Osama bin Laden:
The only way our enemies can succeed is if we forget the lessons of September 11 ... if we abandon the Iraqi people to men like Zarqawi ... and if we yield the future of the Middle East to men like Bin Laden.
Bush doesn't get it. There's an easy way to make sure we don't "yield the future of the Middle East" to bin Laden: catch him.'

Well, if it was as easy as that...perhaps that's why countries like Australia are sending troops back to Afghanistan. Why Pakistan is being heavily used as an ally. Why there are still 10000 US troops in Afghanistan. To just sit and watch the world's most wanted terrorist. I personally believe the Odious bin Liner is dead and probably has been for near on two years. The Democrats logic has been dead much longer than that.

The Australian Democrats appear to be just as vague about big issues such as war and terrorism.

'The Democrats know that if the real aim of the war was not weapons of mass destruction but simply to remove Hussein’s regime, then that is clearly illegal under international law. There were always other
choices to deal with Saddam Hussein. We believe that united international pressure on Hussein and support for alternative democratic leadership in Iraq might have taken longer to bring about regime change, but the human cost would have been much lower.'

Unfortunately for the Dems, the real issue WAS the WMD inspection process. The history bears this out. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight is admirable. The other ways weren't working at the time of Hussein's final deadline. United international pressure doesn't work if the vaunted international community won't play the game. For example, Russia, France and China all had lucrative deals with Iraq even through the UN Oil for Food programme. Oil concessions worth millions. Perhaps the Democrats should send a a representative to the UN Security Council. Probably be confused for a Canadian.

Turning to terrorism. Former UK Labor MP George Galloway of Fallujah South Bethnal Green and Bow has released a communique in regards to the attack of London's transport system. In part, it reads;

'No one can condone acts of violence aimed at working people going about their daily lives. They have not been a party to, nor are they responsible for, the decisions of their government. They are entirely innocent and we condemn those who have killed or injured them.'

It was the decisions of the government that brought this onto the people of London. He blamed the very parliament he sits in, as a representative of the people. One would perhaps have to look at his electorate's prime demographic to see who George truly represents. Perhaps if a RoP supporter blew up Galloway's car and electorate office he might finally get the message. Western society is at war with a religious ideology and political idealism. The twin threats of Islamism and Socialism are rising again, one from the Middle Ages, the other from the 50's. The battles were won the last time, now it's time to finish the war. Those vague, barely understood concepts of freedom and democracy are under threat.

We sit in our comfortable lives, oblivious to the fact that a substantial portion of the world's population want the capitalist running dogs/unbelievers either subjugated or dead. They will not compromise. Compromise is something only democracies practice.

There is no compromise with these forces. Just their eventual destruction.

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