Assorted Blog Comments - Reprise

Once again, we're seeing the resolve of the Brits.

Once again, a few comments that seem to sum up the mood:

"This is obviously the wave of reprisals against Muslims that the British council of imams feared and pre-emptively condemned."

"Looks like all three bombs didnt go off, just detonators and nothing more. Plenty of panic, they put the tubes on Code Amber, but this time have not shut the lot down, so we can all get home ok tonight!"

"Lotta good all that ‘caring and sharing’ with the Muslim community leaders did this past week in London; they didn’t pass on a whisper that this was coming. With the police presence and other security officers milling around London, especially the north end, they still put some more bombs together, one of them a NAIL BOMB! The implications of ‘nail bomb’ are humungous! Those bombs are indiscriminate maimers of anyone in the path of the detritus coming from the bomb. Babies blinded or with nails into their brains is nothing! This is an evil, EVIL weapon and if the London Muslims are using it, it’s time to get MEDIEVAL ON THEIR ASSES! Hit them where they hurt! Maybe then they’ll cooperate and give the police word their sons are building bombs in the basement!"

"Well, crap. Now the British imams are going to have to go back and pre-emptively condemn all the repisals against Muslims, actual or imaginary, all over again…"

By the sounds of it, I think there might be some rethinking on the whole 'Muslim reprisal' thing. . .

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