London Bombings

No doubt you've all heard London has been hit by six bombs. One or more double-deckers have been exploded, at least one by a suicide bomber. The London tube has been badly hit.

Of course, it was only a matter of time, as Scotland Yard and MI5 have been systematically whacking these terrorist moles for the last several years.

They were bound to miss someone.

There is no doubt we have some very hard decisions to make. Some even harder positions to take.

How much more of this will give us the will. . .


There are unconfirmed reports that a suicide bomber was shot by British police. Let’s hope it’s true!

Problems started at 8am local time with reports of an explosion on the Metropolitan Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate. Further explosions were reported at Aldgate East, Edgware Road, King's Cross, Russell Square and Moorgate. Two Underground trains are understood to have collided near King's Cross.
Apparently, the Al Qaeda filth have claimed responsibility. Regardless to say, this writer has some particularly firm views as to how we, the West, should be responding. That said, those views are pretty much unchanged since, well, yesterday. I just wonder how many more of our people have to die before we do what needs to be done.

Because, no – they are not ‘angry teenagers’, as one of our Australian leftist bloggers would have us think of them. They are the gun wielding, bomb wearing storm troopers of a vicious, murderous ideology, and they should be expunged from our midst as rapidly as possible. Every bit as rapidly as we would expel a bunch of Nazis, which is what these vile scum are.

Time to enact the quarantine.

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