Treated to the latest round of bleeding heart leftery, what, from Live8 (because it is all our fault, after all, and there are countless African dictators who need our cash) to the very generous settlement Australia has now made with Timor (to the tune of billions over the next few years), the Left must be feeling pretty pleased with itself, especially after being so rewarded for beating the tripe out of our various communities with louder and increasingly hysterical shrieks of ‘hand it over you evil white capitalist scum’.

Of course, that’s not all the shrieking they’re going to be doing.

Because who’ll be shrieking the loudest, when:

  • more hospitals start closing
  • the government starts cracking down (further) on pensions and support benefits
  • social programs start being wound back harder
  • school classroom sizes start to increase dramatically (again)
  • grant moneys start drying up
  • community programs get the axe (all of them)
  • labour markets start being deregulated
  • taxes increase
  • wages decrease
  • etc, etc, etc.

Who’ll be the very, very, very first to start shrieking their heads off when our various communities get handed the bill. . .

Yep’, the cargo-cultist left. Because someone has to pay. They just won’t ever accept that means all of us. . .

It’s just so mind-numbingly boring.

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