Take that, metrosexual pussies!

I did mean to comment on this last night but was too busy doing manly things like taking the dogs for a run, further punishing my muscles and cardio vascular system down at the gym, playing video games, and sinking some piss with some mates.

Take a moment to have a read of this:

Big-buying blokes reclaim the trousers
THE bloke is back. Advertisers have been put on notice that spending tens of millions of dollars marketing to the Australian metrosexual is missing the mark.

Advertisers have found that, while five years ago men may have been willing to let women take control of purchasing decisions, blokes are reclaiming lost ground.

From cars to cosmetics, males are demanding advertisers talk to them as men, not as sexually ambiguous metrosexuals more interested in aesthetics and personal grooming.

I'm not sure about that cosmetics thing, but the rest of it is long overdue. These pussy leftists (and let's be honest, it is overwhelmingly cowardly leftist weaklings who bought into that metro shit) are sickening and it is insulting to the rest of us to even have them referred to as men. Perhaps it is some twisted desire by these leftist pussies to fantasise about being gay, and thus metrosexuals are nothing more than wannabe homosexuals and this is their opinion on what gay people are like. So not only are they complete pussies, but they are also insulting towards gays.

There is a pair of lezzo's that often bring their dogs down to the same park I take mine. Both lovely women, both staunchly conservative, and both (ironically) prefer to spend time with real men and join us down the pub for a few rounds while watching the footy, than to spend time with girly metros who are pretending "to be like them" and talk about their feelings or whatever you pussy metrosexual girly-men (good one Arnold!) do - go figure.

Oh and another thing that separates us real men from metrosexual tossers - there is some scrub around the aforementioned park, and later in the evening there are often some unsavoury characters hanging around in that scrub (drunk Abo's and drugged out junkies for the most part). As a real man, I won't let these two ladies walk around by themselves and will happily escort them even if I have already been. You will never find a leftist metro pussy doing something like that - "But I might have to fight to protect you and I've just had my nails done."

But now, advertisers are finally starting to realise that real men are still here and that we are insulted to be grouped with metrosexual wankers.

The article goes on to say:

"I think blokes have always been there. They have just been quiet about it," Australia Scan's David Chalke said. "We just pretended to be metrosexuals.

Speak for yourself David, or should that be Davey? I have never pretended to be a metrosexual pussy and I know a great many guys who haven't. I try to live by the Retrosexual Code (creds to Chief Bastard) and have never pretended to be anything else.

The survey found men preferred pastimes including watching sport, playing computer games, going for a drive or heading to the pub ahead of "touchy feely" activities such as walks, visiting friends and relatives, talking on the phone and shopping.

"I think the metrosexual was a fanciful invention of the media," Mr Chalke said.

Perhaps it started out as an invention of the media, but pussy leftist dipshits ran with it. For those who haven't seen it, I strongly recommend taking a look at the wonderful South Park episode that shows this pussy leftist metrosexual bullshit for exactly what it is.

Anyway, the wannabe-homo leftists have failed to turn all men into pussies, and thus failed in making things easier for their muslim allies to take over.

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