Monocultural hegemony

Once again, the spectre of political correctness and multiculturalism as social science raises it's ugly, ill-informed head. Australian Democrats continue to suport a policy of refugees remaining separate to the wider community on the basis that they can enhance our cultural and social stadniding by retaining their own customs and traditions here in Australia. The language subtleties of this policy document insinuate the inherent stupidity and ignorance of the Australian white round-eye.

The greatest single area of weakness is in the area of delivery of services. Services to migrants are often controlled by monolingual, monocultural Australians who have no competence in the area of cross cultural communication and who, all too often, exhibit outdated views and absolutely inappropriate prejudices towards sections of their clientele both in Australia and overseas. The ongoing acceptance and promotion by some of a monocultural, Anglo-Celtic culture in Australia, and an antiintellectual mindset which discourages the pursuit of excellence, jeopardises our social unity and and positive evolution of communities. It also jeopardises the future of our international trade and diplomatic relations.
Historically migrants have faced exploitation through industrial and employment malpractices. Particularly in instances where attempts are made to deregulate and depress the labour market and also in times of high employment where they are used as scapegoats.

The implied slur on the delivery of services to migrants is demeaning and not worthy of a modern political party. The insinuation and innuendo that public servants are deliberately antagonistic to those of differing ethnic or cultural backgrounds is not only wrong, it's heading towards being illegal. The Australian Democrats must have research figures backing their assertion that deregulation of the labour marjet has led to refugees and migrants being used as scapegoats. Well, wouldn't they? Why else would you claim that evil businesses run sweat shops packed with underpaid workers who are unable to understand the main language of the country they now reside in.

The Australian Democrats refuse to accept that Australia IS a predominantly WASP demographic, and by claiming that without an influx of migrants were are somehow diminished in an intellectual capacity is a childish mental fop. The Australian culture is different. What it isn't or shouldn't be is a replica of the countries these people are getting away from. Turning parts of capital cities into ethnically mini-clones of their homeland counterparts is social engineering gone horribly wrong. The left is reaping the fruit of a crop sown in the 70's, and it's only now they realise that it will never mature into something worth having.

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