The Egypt bombings

88 dead, 200 wounded:
An official source at Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital said there were 88 dead and about 200 injured. Egyptian authorities flew many critically injured people to Cairo.

Most of the victims were Egyptians, but the tourism ministry spokeswoman said seven non-Egyptians were dead, including a Czech and an Italian, and 20 were injured.
So Islamic terrorists kill a bunch of Egyptians. Why?
A group calling itself the Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Levant and Egypt said it carried out Saturday's multiple bombings as a "response against the global evil powers which are spilling the blood of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya."
So they kill some more Muslims, mostly Egyptians. But I just saw the strangest thing. There are no Egyptian troops in Iraq. There are no Egyptian troops in Afghanistan. There are no Egyptian troops in Palestine. There are no Egyptian troops in Chechnya.

So why bomb Egypt? Maybe, just maybe, it's because it has nothing to do with Iraq, as Ed Morrissey explains:
AQ antagonism towards Egypt has nothing to do with Iraq, Palestine, and Chechnya and everything to do with assuming control of the ummah in its entirety. It attacks the US and Britain because we oppose the radical takeover of Southwest Asia by the lunatic Islamofascists. Does that involve Iraq? Certainly; right now it's the hot front in the war on terror, along with Afghanistan. But to claim that these attacks spring from our presence in Iraq exclusively, or even our presence in Arab lands, flies in the face of all evidence. Where are the American troops in Egypt?

The media, especially the British media who keep haranguing Tony Blair about causing the London bombings as a price for liberating Iraq, need to start adding two plus two and quit getting three for an answer. AQ operations point to a long-term strategy of isolating and crippling Middle East governments that (a) oppose radical Wahhabism and (b) operate in a secular manner that maintains ties to the West, especially Israel. That is the scope of the war Islamists have fought for twenty years under different banners -- Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and now al-Qaeda. They want to seize power by force, cast a Taliban-style tyranny over the entirety of Southwest Asia and North Africa (to start), and bring the infidel world to its knees through the control of petroleum.

Why, four years after 9/11, does the media and the Left still fail to grasp this? Could it be because acknowledging this fact requires a stark choice to either fight or surrender, and they would prefer to create a fantasy through sophistry to allow them to simply go AWOL instead?

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