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Normally I'd use some other vernacular involving houses of ill-repute and carnal relations, but this is a family show. As fucking if. Terrorist scum managed to disrupt the internal transport network of London for approximately 24 hours with backpack bombs. The world held it's collective breath. You must be shitting me. That's it? Four bombs? 50 dead? After all the sermons, the entreaties to death cults, the threats, the posturing? 50 dead?

Surely they must have read something other than the 'Boys Own Adventure Terrorist Handbook'. Because let's face it, for an alleged international terrorist club, it's pretty fucking lame. Where's the thousands of deaths? Where's the horror? Why are people still watching the cricket in London pubs pissed as nits taking the piss out of Odious Bin Liner?

The morons even let trains leave the staions so they were caught in tunnels, not at tunnel stops. Failed to maximise impact by observing the target. Failed to target key infrastructure such as telecommunications towers to increase panic. Failed to conduct secondary strikes to maximise carnage on panicking civilians. They gambled heavily on four minor simultaneous strikes and lost badly. How many people were killed on EU roads at the same time? They hit the softest targets at all, and upset the city for a couple of days. The buses and trains are running again. The city is back to work. Nothing happened.

Don't think for a second that I am trivialising the deaths of innocents. I'm not arbitrarily doing the left's work here by saying 'Yes, BUT...' Our enemies are getting weaker, not stronger. The best they could do was hit targets with as little security as possible. Even then, it was ineffectual.

You could achieve the same result with an LPG tanker at rush hour. Imagine a traffic jam in a major city and 5 natural gas tankers detonating simultaneously. Imagine that at the same time, power stations and lines are destroyed. Imagine that rescue services are attacked as well. Hospitals. The media outlets. No way for people to know what's happening, get help or understand the situation.

That's beyond their capabilities now. They had their chance and they blew it by flying planes into two towers. Never again will we be as relaxed or unaware. Never again will they be able to wander in the soft underbelly of the west without being noticed. It's quite hard to disguise religious extremism. The manner, the methods, the ideals. They aren't serious warriors. They are idiots with access to low grade explosives.

A quick demonstration of a simultaneous attack can be easily arranged by contacting your local police station and offering to blow it up.

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